Certified Home Values for your Property Tax Appeal

The Cleveland home appraisal team at Fast Appraisals can help you by getting a certified value for your upcoming real estate tax hearings. We would be happy to give you a consultation for a residential property free of charge. Oftentimes, we have found differing values than many individuals and law professionals provide, which frequently, is due to conservative inexperience.  We have been doing work for tax appeals for over 10 years and understand the importance of a certified value. 

Experienced in Providing Home Assessments as Evidence for Tax Appeals

Our experience has told us that the local county auditors offices do not like to see distress sales or bank sales used when trying to appeal a tax valuation. We also understand that the county is looking for the use of similar homes, in similar condition, to use as comparable sales in the home valuation report.  We are educated and experienced in what the counties require during a tax appeal appraisal, we have met with the review boards across many of the counties we service and attended a number of tax appeal hearings where our appraisers were asked to explain their valuation.  This experience continues to help our appraisal team provide effective appraisal reports that will hold up during the tax appeal process, or to educate the home owner as to why an appraisal report won't help their property tax appeal.  

Property Tax Appeal Hearings

Our Certified Residential Appraisers are familiar with the tax appeal process and continuously look forward to meeting with the members of the Cuyahoga County Board of Tax Appeals and tax appeal officials in other counties as well. It is the objective of each county, the home owner and the staff at Fast Appraisals to make sure the property assessment is accurate and the home owners property taxes are calculated accurately based on a realistic property value.  The county now has appraisers on staff during the appeal hearings due to the fact that non certified values do not work as well. 

Need help at hearings? No problem, our appraisals hold up at hearings, and we are willing and able to let the county know "why" in the County Board of Revised hearings. 

Let us take a closer look to help you and your clients!  Our turn around times are FAST and the best in the industry.  Ask us about our same day service.


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