Summit County Property Appraisal; Values Rising

Are you seeing a recent increase in news articles mentioning the rise of property values near you? Do you hear talk of how people in the area need home appraisals to find the value of their home, but are lost and confused about what this means? A recent article published by mentions the rise of property values in the local summit county, but some people aren’t aware of this. “In Akron, properties on average increased by 2 percent, but the values inside the city ranged from a 30 percent gain in one cluster, to a 22 percent loss,” the article says, with some of the biggest gains being areas like avenues at Chapel Hill, with an increase of 30 percent; Grafton roads in Fairlawn, gaining 27 percent; and Sovereign Road and Oneida Avenue in Northwest Akron, gaining 27 percent. With recent changes in home values, it’s important to know the pricing of your property.

Summit County Property Appraisal; Can I Challenge Appraisal Value?

Another article published by mentions how residents have tried challenging the summit county property appraisal value of their home. One woman by the name of Hillegas spoke with an appraiser about her homes increase in value- nearly 30 percent more than before. “[The appraiser] did answer that all of that won’t be on my tax bill. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get a reduction,” said Hillegas. Another resident of a nearby county also tried to challenge a raise in her propery value. “In Geauga County, one resident took her concerns to the county auditor’s office after her home value increased approximately $30,000. The office helped to negotiate a new deal that same day bringing that number back down.”

Property Appraisal Helps Negotiate Tax Assessment

With this said, it’s important to find an accurate property appraisal of your home with the recent shifts in property value. At Cleveland Home Appraisals, our team of professionals will give you a precise evaluation of your home’s value. We make sure that you will know exactly what your property is worth, so you can challenge any false prices set on your home. If you are in need of summit county property appraisal, contact us, fill out our order sheet for a residential appraisal or call 216-932-4663 today to find an accurate home appraisal for your home today.

Summit County Property Appraisal: Rising Prices, Why You Need Home Appraisal
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