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Appealing Your 2021 Cuyahoga County Property Valuation.

As covered this week in the article, "Cuyahoga County home values increase 16% in 2021 reappraisal," results of Cuyahoga County's triennial reappraisal are arriving in mailboxes this week. The article lists the city-by-city valuation table provided in the dark green box on this page.  Cities averaging a 20% or more increase in their new 2021 Market Values are highlighted and include Brook Park (25% increase), Brooklyn (20% increase), Cleveland (23% increase), Fairview Park (22% increase), Garfield Heights (22% increase), Highland Hills (20% increase), Lakewood (27% increase), Maple Heights (29% increase), North Olmsted (20% increase), North Randall (20% increase), Parma (24% increase) and Parma Heights ( 22% increase).

How Much Do Property Taxes Increase with Market Value?

In your 2021 Value Notice you will see a paragraph that indicates an increase in your new market value will not equal a "comparable increase in the amount of taxes owed."  We used the "Property Tax Estimator" recommended in the 2021 Value Notice letter to crunch some numbers. In this example a North Olmsted home owner's 2020 Market Value of $123,700 increased to $152,200, or 23% increase. Using the Property Tax Estimator, this homeowner can anticipate a 10% increase in their property tax bill, from $3,594 to $3,900 - an additional $306.

Evidence Accepted for Property Tax Appeal / Complaint

If you think your 2021 tax assessment is too high and you would like to challenge your new market value, the 2021 Value Notice letter instructs property tax payers to file a "DTE 1 Form - Complaint Against Valuation of Property. between January 1, 2022 and March 31, 2022.  Additional evidence supporting your appeal will be needed. Types of evidence can include (listed on Cuyahoga County Board of Revision):

  1. Arms-length sale, documented by recorded deed, closing statement (HUD-1), purchase contract, and/or conveyance fee statement (DTE 100).
  2. Recent appraisal report of the subject property made for tax valuation purposes, and authenticated by the appraiser during the hearing. Other opinions of value may be considered and given consideration.
  3. Certified estimates from a contractor for repairs cited on the complaint. Major structural issues may affect the value of the property while regular maintenance needs (new roof, new driveway) are typically factored into the existing current value based on the age/condition of the property.
  4. Dated interior/exterior photos of the property and comparable properties showing the condition.
  5. New construction costs certified by the builder and should include both hard and soft costs.
  6. Tax Map, Topography Map or Plat Map, showing the subject property.

Residential Property Value Increases in Cuyahoga County

Bay Village: 16%
Beachwood: 10%
Bedford: 17%
Bedford Heights: 17%
Bentleyville: 2%
Berea: 17%
Brecksville: 15%
Broadview Heights: 12%
Brook Park: 25%
Brooklyn: 20%
Brooklyn Heights: 18%
Chagrin Falls: 15%
Chagrin Falls Township: 0%
Cleveland: 23%
Cleveland Heights: 11%
East Cleveland: 6%
Euclid: 18%
Fairview Park: 22%
Garfield Heights: 22%
Gates Mills: 3%
Glenwillow: 9%
Highland Heights: 7%
Highland Hills: 20%
Hunting Valley: 0%
Independence: 9%
Lakewood: 27%
Linndale: 0%
Lyndhurst: 18%

Maple Heights: 29%
Mayfield: 13%
Mayfield Heights: 14%
Middleburg Heights: 16%
Moreland Hills: 9%
Newburgh Heights: 7%
North Olmsted: 20%
North Randall: 20%
North Royalton: 13%
Oakwood: 18%
Olmsted Falls: 16%
Olmsted Township: 10%
Orange: 7%
Parma: 24%
Parma Heights: 22%
Pepper Pike: 6%
Richmond Heights: 11%
Rocky River: 19%
Seven Hills: 19%
Shaker Heights: 5%
Solon: 8%
South Euclid: 18%
Strongsville: 15%
University Heights: 15%
Valley View: 10%
Walton Hills: 18%
Warrensville Heights: 18%
Westlake: 12%
Woodmere: 0%

At Fast Appraisals we not only perform the tax appeal appraisal, we have also been in front of the Cuyahoga County Board of Tax Appeals many times in order to explain our valuation.  We provide appraisal values with confidence and welcome the opportunity to explain our valuation to the Board whenever necessary.

What If House Appraises Higher than 2021 Valuation?

We know when you're buying a home appraisal for a tax appeal you aren't looking to waste our time or your money, so we do brief preliminary research and ask the property owner some key questions before moving forward with the home appraisal appointment.  Some key questions might include:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Appraisal:

  1. Why do you think the property value assessed by the county is too high?
  2. Do you think it would be reasonable to sell your home for the value assessed by the county?
    1. If not, why? Has there been damage to your home or substantial deferred maintenance the county may not be aware of i.e. flood damage, mold issues, outdated/dysfunctional kitchen or bath, foundation issues, etc?
  3. Has there been factors negatively impacting your neighborhood - vacant homes, foreclosed homes, etc?

If your home has not suffered from damage, deferred maintenance or neighborhood factors that would make selling the house at its tax assessed value near absurd and if other homes similar to yours, within a few miles, and in similar condition, are selling for the tax assessed value, it is unlikely that the county has over-valued your home.

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Cleveland Home Appraiser Appraisal Industry & Trends

I Have a Home Inspection Report, Why Do I…

A Home Inspection is For You. An Appraisal is For the Bank.

A lot of people think the home appraisal and a home inspection are the same. But that is not the case. The simplest way to remember the difference is to think:

The home inspection is for the buyer.

The home inspection is a three hour, in-depth, tour of the house the buyer takes with the home inspector, after making an offer that was accepted by the seller. The water pressure, temperature, electrical outlets and most every component of the house is tested. The home inspection should help answer: do I want this house? What will I have to repair or replace and when? Am I buying a lemon/money pit or is this house in the condition I expected when I made the offer?

The home appraisal is for the bank.

Unlike the home inspection, the home appraisal is mandated by the lending institution. If you're paying cash for a house and there is no lending institution, or mortgage, then there is no need for an appraisal. The home appraisal will help the bank answer: is the house worth what my borrower(s) are paying? Are other similar houses in this area selling for the same amount? If the loan goes into default, can we sell the house for what we are owed?

Appraisers Determine Value. Inspectors Determine Condition.

Generally speaking the appraiser is more concerned value of the property well home inspectors are primarily concerned with the condition of the property. Real estate appraisals develop valuation of the market value of the property. At Fast Appraisals, a Cleveland Home Appraisal Company, our team prepares hours worth of research before the certified home appraiser sees the property. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have even been able to do many of our appraisals without going into the home at all, offering a drive-by appraisal (an exterior inspection only) and a desktop appraisal as contactless home appraisal options. Read "Alternative Appraisals: Curbside Appraisals, Drive-By Appraisals, Desktop Appraisals, Hybrid…" for more details. Once the preliminary research is done and nearby comparable sales are identified, our licensed appraisers only spend about 30 minutes doing an inspection inside the home - primarily to confirm the on-line records, make sure the square footage is accurate on the assessors site, take measurements of the house, take photographs and take note if there are any safety issues that might be of concern.
Remember, home appraisers are hired by the lender, or the mortgage company, and not by the buyer. The appraiser's job is to prepare an accurate valuation, based on comparable sales in the area, so that the lender, or mortgage company knows what the collateral of the loan is worth. Similarly, if you were to lend a friend $15,000 and use a diamond bracelet as collateral, should your friend not pay you, a jewelry appraisal can be done to tell you if you could sell the diamond bracelet for the $15,000 you are prepared to lend.

Home Inspectors Do Not Determine Value and Home Appraisers Do Not "Test" House

Home inspectors do not do any research before arriving at the property and generally have no training or interest in what you're paying for a home. Unlike good home appraisers who are well-versed in the intricacies of unusual value fluctuations in the Cleveland property market, home inspectors care about one thing - the condition of the home. A home inspection typically takes between three and four hours and has a hand-on inspection. They look at everything involving the structure of the house such as walls, ceilings, roofs, attics, foundations, windows, drainage, plumbing. The home inspector prepares an inspection report to include the condition of all the components in the home including water pressure, temperature, function of appliances function of windows and doors, function of the water heater the furnace… The inspector gets into crawl spaces and attics, tests each electrical outlet, faucet, appliances, temperature of refrigerator, and more. A good home inspector will have a tool belt full of tools to diagnose temperature, moisture and electrical current while a home appraisers brings a camera, a notebook and some measurement tape, which even now can be done electronically. We take pictures and crunch the numbers in the office - sending the appraisal report to the lender to continue the underwriting process.

Appraisals are Required by Lenders. Inspections are for Buyer's Peace of Mind.

So if you’re buying a house, first you'll put an offer on the house you want to buy. Then, you'll have a brief window of time to get an inspection and use those results to rescind your offer or negotiate the purchase price if substantial deficiencies were uncovered during the inspection process.  The inspection is purely optional and not required by the lender. However, once you have determined you are buying the house and moving forward with the Purchase Agreement, the lender requires the appraisal. Hopefully, that answers the question we get asked all the time:
"I Have a Home Inspection Report, Why Do I Need an Appraisal?"
If you need an appraisal for a property valuation to a tax appeal, a divorce, an estate valuation, a private-party sale, or for any other purpose, contact the appraisal team at Fast Appraisals, a Cleveland Home Appraisal Company.
Alternative Appraisals Cleveland Appraisal Industry & Trends

Alternative Appraisals: Curbside Appraisals, Drive-By Appraisals, Desktop Appraisals, Hybrid…

Due to COVID-19, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Accepting Alternative Appraisals Until May 17th, 2020

On March 23rd the Federal Housing Finance Agency, or FHFA, released a rule directing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to allow alternative appraisals as a result of the coronavirus outbreak through May 17th, 2020.  (FHFA News Release)
"To allow for homes to be bought, sold, and refinanced as our nation deals with the challenges of the coronavirus, the Enterprises will leverage appraisal alternatives to reduce the need for appraisers to inspect the interior of a home for eligible mortgages" the news release reads.
The FHFA failed to define what "alternative appraisals" specifically are, leaving most in the industry to assume the concept is clear enough and that an appraisal without an interior inspection is the safest measures for both the home owners and the appraisers.  Alternative appraisals could be either drive-by appraisals, desktop appraisals, hybrid appraisals or a curbside appraisal.  At Fast Appraisals our team of Cleveland home appraisers has been efficiently delivering alternative appraisal products for years. They typically have a much faster turn-around time and cost less so are usually the preferred valuation approach for tax appeal appraisals and appraisals needed for probate, estate valuation or divorce.

Alternative Appraisal Products Safer for Coronavirus Concerns and Include Appraiser's Expertise - AVMs Do Not

An alternative appraisal report, like a desktop appraisal, drive-by appraisal or curbside appraisal is prepared with the same comparable sales data and adjustments to derive at the market value as a complete appraisal - however in a drive-by appraisal the exterior photos are taken from the street and in a desktop appraisal the photos are pulled from online resources available to appraisers - in both cases, no physical contact is made with the customer. In a curbside appraisal, the appraisers at Cleveland Home Appraisals coordinate with the customer to use FaceTime on the company tablets to get a clear picture of the interior and exterior of the home. Our appraisers offer virtual appraising with the FaceTime app for customers that have iPhones, iPads, Zoom or another videotelephony service they can use to connect with our appraisers. The contact person walks around house, directed by the appraiser while the appraiser takes screenshots. Our appraisers include screen shots from the FaceTime appraisal in the alternative appraisal report that can help justify relevant adjustments made.   The customer can also include photos or other elements that can be verified if they feel more information is needed to assist the appraiser in calculating the most accurate market value.

AVMs Not Considered Evidence-Based Alternative Appraisal Products

AVMs, an automated valuation model, does not include the expertise and knowledge of an appraiser and although they can be used by lenders to get a quick idea of market data, they do not incorporate on site property inspections, exterior property inspections or a licensed/certified appraisers expertise of the nuances in each town and city in our Greater Cleveland Akron area.  AVMs are likely not included as an "alternative appraisal" product because of their lack of accuracy and the availability of more accurate, evidence-based, market valuations by a licensed/certified appraiser with the more accurate alternative appraisal products like desktop appraisals, drive-by appraisals and curbside / virtual appraisals.

Cleveland Home Appraisals Offers Reliable Appraisal Alternatives

Since the coronavirus concerns have shaken-up the industry, mortgage lenders and stakeholders are encouraged to move forward, with prudence, to use reliable  " appraisal alternatives." Although many Cleveland and Akron area appraisers may not be equipped to offer these appraisal alternative products, the appraisers at Cleveland Home Appraisals are experienced and proficient at fast turn-times and reliable valuations whether you choose a desktop appraisal, drive-by appraisal, hybrid appraisal, curbside appraisal or any modification of a virtual appraisal without physical contact.  Call our appraisal team at  216-932-4663 or fill out our appraisal order form to request a quote and turn around time.
Cleveland Home Appraiser Corona Virus Precautions Appraisal Industry & Trends

Our Home Appraisers Take Precautions for Coronavirus Pandemic

At Fast Appraisals, we are committed to the needs of our customers including, but not limited to, homeowners, mortgage professionals, and other real estate professionals. During these uncertain times, we realize that it is crucial to continue serving our Greater Cleveland and Akron community.

Home Appraisals Considered Essential

Per the Ohio governor's orders, real estate appraisal professionals are considered an essential party to financial institutions and the community.  At this time, we are pleased to inform our customers that Fast Appraisals will remain open during normal business hours. Like many others, we're taking guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which recommends cleaning, disinfecting, hand washing, and avoiding close contact with others.

Maintain Safe Distances and Allow for Quick Home Appraisal

Our staff is committed to taking the precautionary measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all. We ask that upon the arrival of an appraiser to your property, you remain at least 6 feet away in distance and allow for a quick and easily accessible inspection. Please note that some of our staff members may choose to wear disposable gloves or face masks.
We are always available to service properties while they are unattended. If you do not feel comfortable with the appraiser entering your home while you are there, we would be happy to make arrangements for the appraiser to enter and move in a timely manner with minimal contact to any surfaces.

Contact Free Method of Home Appraisal: Drive-By and Desktop Appraisals

Also, please remember that we do offer other product types such as drive-by and desktop appraisals which allow for a contact-free method of appraising. Please consider requesting these product types in the event that you would like to contract for our services.
As always, we are happy to accommodate our customers and look forward to working with you. If you would like to request any special accommodations, please call our office to discuss at 216-932-4663.
Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your continued support.
Cuyahoga County Tax Appeal Appraisal Cuyahoga County Tax Appeals

Cuyahoga & Lake County 6 Year Reappraisal

(updated content for disputing tax valuation from Cuyahoga County in 2021):

Letter From Owner and Lead Appraiser

We have been answering calls non-stop regarding the Cuyahoga and Lake counties tax re-assessments so thank you for your patience for those of you who could not get thru.
The informal appeal process ends the end of this month, however we have heard that the county may extend this another month. Fingers crossed, as we know many homeowners have not had enough time to get in their appraisal orders.  However, if you miss the deadline to informally appeal your tax reappraisal value with the County Fiscal Officer, you will still have a chance to appeal through the Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions after the first of the year.  It is critical homeowners continue to pay property taxes throughout the dispute process as late fees and penalties will not go away - even if you win your case down the road.

Property Valuation Increase Will Not Always Lead to Property Tax Increase

Be advised that just because you have an assessment increase increase does not mean that your taxes will go up.  That will depend on if your neighbors assessment also went up.  If everyone's house values went up the same percentage, in theory, you will not see a tax increase, for the most part.    (see Reappraisal FAQs on Cuyahoga County's website)

Do You Have a Case for Successful Complaint Challenge?

We believe the county's assessment process to be a fair one, but with mass data appraisals, some homeowners will get lost in the shuffle.  We are finding the most dramatic variances between county and actual values are for those homes which are in below average condition, or in need of repair.  However, the burden is on the homeowner to provide evidence for their case.  We have decades of experience dealing with the county and the Board of Revisions process and do not believe the county is "out to get people," but instead that they mostly act as an independent third party on behalf of local governments.
By clicking on our tax appeal tab, answering some questions, and emailing pictures of your home, we can help decide if you have a case for a successful complaint challenge. Remember, all property owners will still have an opportunity to challenge their value with the Cuyahoga County Board of Revision regardless of the outcome of their informal valuation challenge. The Board of Revision will generally accept complaints filed between January 1st and March 31st in 2019.

Legal Professionals Can Help

If you don't want to deal with paperwork and logistics, are concerned about procedural issues and/or have too much on the line, we do work with three law professionals that  may be able to help you.  They work on contingency or flat fee depending on your situation and we have had great success with them.  They are :
All of these tax appeal law professionals also represent matters of commercial property tax appeals as well - while our appraisal company specializes entirely in residential properties.

We look forward to helping homeowners address their concerns over the next few months to get the value straight and help the process.

Kind regards,
Mike Neimeier
Home Appraisal Ohio Home Sales Appraisal Industry & Trends

Home Appraisers Near Me; Know Values as Ohio Home…

Home Appraiser Near Me; What is Your Home Worth?

Are you living in your home and not sure what the market value of your house is? Do you understand how local sales of houses effects your property value? Home value plays a critical role to understanding your property taxes, and may play a role in determining when to move or downsize. To start, a home appraisal is used to find the current value of your home, and can be considered as evidence to contest your property taxes in the event you feel the county has assessed your home’s value too high. The value of your house shifts based on a number of variables, including home improvements done on the house, damage done to the house, the conditions of the areas you live in, etc. This is why it’s important to keep in mind when your last home appraisal was, and to question ‘is there a reliable home appraiser near me?’

Home Appraiser Near Me; How Local Property Sales Affect Your Home Value

One of the conditions that affect your property value is the perceived benefits of the city where you live. This is based on a variety of things, one being if the status of the housing market. According to a article, home sales in Ohio are rising while nationally sales have been dropping. “The Ohio Association of Realtors said Thursday that April sales hit their best-ever pace and shattered a high set two years ago, based on seasonally adjusted annual figures. The monthly sales rate was up 3.3 percent from April 2017 and marked a 1.8 percent gain from March of this year.” Despite the market for housing in Ohio excelling, another article on also claims that Cleveland is still one of the more affordable areas. “The 10 most affordable metros in the country are mainly in the Rust Belt, with six in Ohio, three in Pennsylvania, and one in upstate New York. In these areas, a house costs between two and 2.7 years of income — that is, four or five times less than in the least affordable metros.” These different market variables further enforce the need for home appraisal.

Home Appraisal Near Me; Cleveland Area Fast & Fair Home Appraisal

If you’re looking for ‘a dependable home appraiser near me’,  we’re proud to fill that role. At Cleveland Home Appraisals, our team of professionals will give you a fair evaluation of your home’s value. We have a reputation for being experts in our communities with many of our home appraisers having decades of experience and knowledge in the more mainstream suburbs like Medina, North Olmsted, Parma and Wickliffe to the more complicated areas like Ohio City, Tremont, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights and more. If you are in need of a home appraisal, contact us, fill out our order sheet for a residential appraisal or call 216-932-4663 today.

Summit county property appraisal rising prices Geauga County

Summit County Property Appraisal: Rising Prices, Why You Need…

Summit County Property Appraisal; Values Rising

Are you seeing a recent increase in news articles mentioning the rise of property values near you? Do you hear talk of how people in the area need home appraisals to find the value of their home, but are lost and confused about what this means? A recent article published by mentions the rise of property values in the local summit county, but some people aren’t aware of this. “In Akron, properties on average increased by 2 percent, but the values inside the city ranged from a 30 percent gain in one cluster, to a 22 percent loss,” the article says, with some of the biggest gains being areas like avenues at Chapel Hill, with an increase of 30 percent; Grafton roads in Fairlawn, gaining 27 percent; and Sovereign Road and Oneida Avenue in Northwest Akron, gaining 27 percent. With recent changes in home values, it’s important to know the pricing of your property.

Summit County Property Appraisal; Can I Challenge Appraisal Value?

Another article published by mentions how residents have tried challenging the summit county property appraisal value of their home. One woman by the name of Hillegas spoke with an appraiser about her homes increase in value- nearly 30 percent more than before. “[The appraiser] did answer that all of that won’t be on my tax bill. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get a reduction,” said Hillegas. Another resident of a nearby county also tried to challenge a raise in her propery value. “In Geauga County, one resident took her concerns to the county auditor’s office after her home value increased approximately $30,000. The office helped to negotiate a new deal that same day bringing that number back down.”

Property Appraisal Helps Negotiate Tax Assessment

With this said, it’s important to find an accurate property appraisal of your home with the recent shifts in property value. At Cleveland Home Appraisals, our team of professionals will give you a precise evaluation of your home’s value. We make sure that you will know exactly what your property is worth, so you can challenge any false prices set on your home. If you are in need of summit county property appraisal, contact us, fill out our order sheet for a residential appraisal or call 216-932-4663 today to find an accurate home appraisal for your home today.

Bankruptcy Appraisal better than Redfin or Zillow Appraisal Industry & Trends

Bankruptcy Appraisals: Certified Home Appraisal vs. Realtor Valuation or…

Over the years Fast Appraisals, a Cleveland home appraisals company, has been performing a steady increase in bankruptcy appraisals, or a residential property appraisal to determine the valuation of residential real estate when filing a bankruptcy.  Many home owners that find themselves in financial duress mistakenly assume that a bankruptcy isn’t a viable option if they have equity in their home, but a good bankruptcy attorney will review your options, have you order a legitimate home appraisal from a licensed, certified home appraisal company like Fast Appraisals, and in some cases you could be surprised.

Certified Bankruptcy Appraisal vs. Realtor Valuations and Zillow

The value in a certified home appraisal by a licensed residential appraiser is the most reliable valuation and trends lower than a valuation from a Realtor or home-valuation sites such as Zillow or Redfin. When a real estate broker is selling a home they have financial incentives to get the most they can for the home owner, so their valuation tools assume the highest price based on highest quality, the most home up-dates, the freshest paint, the most curb appeal and all the cosmetic bells and whistles. Valuation websites, like Zillow and Redfin, are financed by Realtor advertising and also motivated to show a high valuation to the home owner, enticing them to consider selling and therefore contacting a Realtor, who in turn pays for the ad placement. Neither of these sources are taking into consideration the reality that your home may have some deferred maintenance – peeling paint, dated kitchen appliances, worn carpet, unreliable HVAC system, front steps in need of replacement, etc. Make sure your bankruptcy attorney isn’t relying on one of these sometimes over-valued methods and order a certified appraisal report for your bankruptcy.

Why Zillow, Redfin & Other Valuation Websites Are Not Enough

  1. bankruptcy appraisal not zillow
    Zillow Great for Advertising Revenue NOT Reliable Valuations in Bankruptcy Filing

    Check the house statistics. Many of the valuation websites have erroneous data on square footage, number of beds and baths, year built, etc.

  2. Check recent sales. What your house is worth typically depends on what houses, similar to yours – meaning comparable in age, size, number of beds and baths, location, style of house and condition of house, have sold for in the past 6 – 12 months.  If the recent sales are further away than a few miles or in far better condition than your home, these houses would typically not be considered in the valuation of your home.
  3. Remember how these sites make money – advertising! Real estate brokers advertise to sell their homes and acquire new clients. Promoting higher values encourages more activity and Realtor engagement.
summit county appraisal Residential Property Appraisals

Summit County: Tax Bills & Property Tax Appraisal Appeals

A recent release on the Summit County Fiscal Officer’s website, Second half 2016 real estate tax bills to be mailed, due on July 14,  reminds all property owners in Summit County that the second-half 2016 real estate tax bills were mailed on June 7, 2017 and due by July 14. The article is also a reminder to property owners in Summit County that it is the property owner’s responsibility to obtain and pay their tax bills on time, so if you haven’t yet received your property tax bill, click on the link above for contact information.

How to Appeal Your Summit County Tax Appraisal:

Worried that your Summit County tax bill is too high? Is the appraised value by the county accurate? How can you appeal the appraised value Summit County is basing your tax bill on? These questions are answered on our page Appealing Your Summit County, Ohio Property Tax Values which we created at the end of 2015 when Summit County property tax assessments were being conducted and mailed to property owners.

Taxpayers who do not agree with the valuation of their property had the opportunity to file a complaint with the Board of Revision for review of property values through March 31, 2017. When a complaint is filed, the Board of Revision schedules a hearing, reviews evidence and testimony, and issues a decision on whether a correction should be made to the valuation.

Typically the property owner will submit evidence, usually what we call a tax appraisal, or tax appeal appraisal, from one of our certified appraisers.  Although that appeal process was back when Summit County was mailing new property value assessments, if you acquired the property recently and weren’t the owner when the real estate was assessed, there may be a process for appealing the county’s appraised value now.  However, it’s more likely that if you purchased the property since the Summit County appraisal, the property tax was disclosed and you will be responsible for paying the property tax bill on time.

Next Summit County Appraisal Updates 2017

If you feel your Summit County real estate has been overvalued by the county and you are too late to appeal the most recent valuation, the triannual appraisal updates are conducted again in 2017.  Call the county to submit evidence of why you feel your property has been over-valued and you may be able to get the property tax assessed value lowered for your next tax bill. Be sure to offer evidence supporting your claim to a lower property valuation, or order a tax appeal appraisal from the certified appraisers at Fast Appraisals and the officials at Summit County will likely be more inclined to take your request seriously. Call us at 216-932-4663 and we’ll be happy to discuss your property valuation questions.

Appealing Your Summit County, Ohio Property Tax Values

Property Tax Appeal Cuyahoga County Tax Appeals

Property Taxes in These Cleveland Suburbs Could Be Increasing

A recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer,  One city, one village and 7 school districts ask Cuyahoga County voters for tax increases, explains the reason for potential property taxes based on outcome of May 2nd primary election.

Cuyahoga County Property Tax Appeal 

With property taxes being based on the home's assessed value, it's common when homeowners get a higher property tax bill to look more closely at the county's assessed value. When a home owner thinks the tax assessment is too high they can order a tax appeal appraisal to be used as evidence for requesting a deduction in their tax assessed value, which will in turn reduce their property tax bill.  At Fast Appraisals we not only perform the tax appeal appraisal, we have also been in front of the Cuyahoga County Board of Tax Appeals many times in order to explain our valuation.  

Is Your Tax Assessment Value too High?

Of course there are no guarantees that our valuation will be lower than the valuation made by the county, so we do brief preliminary research and ask the home owner some key questions before moving forward with the home appraisal appointment.  Some key questions might include:

  1. Why do you think the property value assessed by the county is too high?
  2. Have homes similar to yours been selling for substantially less than the tax assessed value?
  3. Do you think it would be reasonable to sell your home for the value assessed by the county?
    1. If not, why - has there been damage to your home or substantial deferred maintenance the county may not be aware of i.e. flood damage, mold issues, outdated/dysfunctional kitchen or bath, foundation issues, etc?
  4. Has there been factors negatively impacting your neighborhood - vacant homes, foreclosed homes, etc?

If your home has not suffered from damage, deferred maintenance or neighborhood factors that would make selling the house at its tax assessed value near absurd and if other homes similar to yours, within a few miles, and in similar condition, are selling for the tax assessed value, it is unlikely that the county has over-valued your home.


Cleveland Suburbs Affected By Potential Property Tax Increases

Property Tax Appeal

Cleveland Suburbs Affected:

According to the article, if the tax increases are voted in, the following Cleveland suburbs would be affected:

Walton Hills, Ohio

If the tax issue is voted through in Walton Hills home owners would see their property tax bill increase by $175 per $100,000 in home value beginning in 2017 which would last for four years.

Brecksville-Broadview Heights, Ohio

If the tax issue is voted through in Brecksville-Broadview Heights residents would experience an increase of $210 annually per $100,000 of  their tax-assessed home value beginning in 2017.

Brooklyn, Ohio

If the tax issue is voted through in Brooklyn home owners would pay an additional $17.50 per $100,000 in tax assessed home value also to take effect in 2017.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

If the tax issue is voted through in Chagrin Falls property owners would be asked to pay an additional $311.50 for each $100,000 in their home's value meaning a home with a tax assessed valuation of $300,000 would experience an annual increase of $934.50 in their property tax bill.

North Royalton, Ohio

If North Royalton residents approve the tax issue their property taxes will increase by $171.50 per $100,000 in the tax assessed value performed by the property appraisal department in Cuyahoga County.

Parma, Ohio

According to the article Parma's schools are still facing a huge budget gap and the proposed ten year property tax increase of $206.50 per $100,000 in tax assessed valuation, to start in 2017, would be designed to rectify the gap.  The article has conflicting information - at one point referring to the tax increase as lasting for ten years while also referring to it as lasting for an indefinite period. Read more about Parma's property values.

Rocky River, Ohio

Although Rocky River voters approved a tax increase in 2012 the district is asking voters to approve an additional increase beginning in 2017 of $171.50 per $100,000 of property tax assessed value. A home assessed at $300,000 in Rocky River would see a property tax increase of $514,40 per year.

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Voters in Shaker Heights approved an operating tax increase only three years ago for renovating the school buildings but the district is proposing a property tax increase of $131.25 per $100,000 of the home's value to raise another $30 million.



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