Appraisal for DivorceThe process of going through a divorce is generally not pleasurable – but assessing the value of your property doesn’t have to be a hurdle.  Although a divorce will require a professional assessment of what your marital property is worth, the property valuation for your divorce can be a simple process.  At Cleveland Home Appraisals (aka FAST Appraisals) we have been working with home owners throughout Northeast Ohio – including Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Medina, Lorain and Summit counties to provide quality home appraisal reports in divorce cases for many years.

Expert Testimony – Divorce Appraisal

The majority of home valuations we deliver at Cleveland Home Appraisals for the divorce process are completed quickly and without the need for a court appearance.  However, when a court appearance is necessary, our certified appraisers also deliver expert divorce appraisal testimony where we support our reports at a hearing and/or with additional supporting market valuation data.

Although we work on a number of divorce case appraisals and most are not contested, whether the case is contested or collaborative, Cleveland Home Appraisals (also doing business as FAST Appraisals) consistently gathers all the information possible to present the most thorough report.

Multiple Valuations: Marriage, Property Improvements and Divorce

A recent divorce case we worked on in Cuyahoga county required multiple valuations over the course of the marriage.

1.  Property Value at the Time of the Marriage:  Assessing the property value at the time of the marriage requires research to determine a Retrospective Appraisal, or the value of the property based on a date in the past.

2.  Value of Improvements Made During Marriage:  Determining the value of improvements made during the time of the marriage will involve gathering details of all home improvements made and the impact they would have on the value of the property.  The value of home improvements are typically more difficult for parties to agree on and can seem more subjective, however when our certified home appraisers provide supportive, detailed valuations and adjustments, the data can be compelling.

3.  Value of Property at Time of Divorce:  Whether one of the parties is keeping the home, or the property is being sold to divide proceeds, an appraisal of the home’s market value at the time of the divorce will likely be required .

Appraisal to Determine if Home Can be Sold

Lastly, a recent divorce appraisal case for Cleveland Home Appraisals was in order to determine if the home owned by the couple could be sold for an amount that would cover mortgages and fees.  The couple going through the divorce preferred to acquire a certified real estate appraisal rather than consult with a realtor in order to determine from an unbiased source what the home’s market value was.  In this particular case, our certified appraisers worked directly with the attorneys and determined the sale of the property was definitely a feasible option for the home owners.

The team at Cleveland Home Appraisals  specializes in working with home owners, attorneys and lending professionals to provide quality home appraisals for divorce, bankruptcy, estate appraisals, tax appeal, pre-listing appraisals and more throughout the Greater Cleveland area.  Contact Cleveland Home Appraisal for a professional property valuation of your home for a divorce appraisal.
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