Bankruptcy Appraisals: Certified Home Appraisal vs. Realtor Valuation or Zillow

Bankruptcy Appraisal better than Redfin or Zillow

Over the years Fast Appraisals, a Cleveland home appraisals company, has been performing a steady increase in bankruptcy appraisals, or a residential property appraisal to determine the valuation of residential real estate when filing a bankruptcy.  Many home owners that

The Property Tax Appeal Process: An Appraiser’s Perspective

Tax Appeal: an Appraisers Perspective

Cuyahoga County Board of Tax Appeals (Recent update to tax appeal content: 2021 Cuyahoga County Tax Appraisals) For my first blog post I wanted to share my experiences with the  Cuyahoga County Board of Tax Appeals.  One of the many

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